17 Beer Gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Other Times When You Need Presents for People Who Love Their Brew

The holidays are all about drinking beer and spreading cheer, and these beer gift ideas can help you do both. We've already covered the best alcohol-related gifts to buy this year, so why not dedicate a gift guide to that friend everyone calls a "beer snob," you know, the one who brings a different kind of craft beer to every single get together and sneers at your Yuenglings and Blue Moons. Or maybe snob is too strong a word for the person you have in mind. Beer snob or not, people who love beer tend to really love beer. So, there's no doubt that they'll also love some of these awesome beer-related gifts we've rounded up to make things easier for the non-hopheads.

'The Complete Beer Course'

Joshua M. Bernstein’s beer guide — nay, beer bible — will teach you everything you ever wanted to know about beer. From simple lagers to Trappist ales, this is the perfect gift for someone who loves beer, but is still in the early phases of learning what it’s all about.

The Complete Beer Course,’ $13,

Mr. Beer Premium Edition Home Brewing Craft Beer Making Kit

For the people in your life who are never satisfied with the beer you supply for events, have them make their own! The Mr. Beer starter kit supplies everything a first-time brewer could need to learn the ropes as they forge the path to becoming a brewmaster.

Mr. Beer, $30,

Dual Beer Glass

Chances are a set of pint glasses isn’t going to cut it this year. This specially designed glass will give the perfect half and half drink without fail, and will look good doing it. Plus, you can smell both beers at once instead of just the one on top.

Dual Beer Glass, $35,

'Goodnight Brew: A Parody for Beer People'

Taking a classic children’s book and fueling it with beer, otters, and a “hops wildebeest” sounds like the perfect nightcap to me. This is especially great for those friends who’ve recently had kids, and are still struggling to find the time to go out for a pint.

‘Goodnight Brew,’ $11,

Beer Soap

If the beer aficionado in your life really just loves the smell of beer, this vegan soap is perfect. And, it comes in six different types including Blue Moon, Guinness, and PBR. Yum!

Beer Soap, $5,

Das Boot

Das boot is perfect for anyone who has ever seen Beerfest, and/or felt the strong urge to challenge themselves while drinking out of a piece of glass footwear. Don’t forget to tilt!

Das Boot, $19.99,

Beer Charm Bead

Got a friend who can’t stop filling up their Pandora bracelet and their pint glass? This adorable little beer mug charm is a great way to show appreciation for a good brew, and a way to wear beer, without, you know, actually wearing beer.

Beer Charm Bead, $19.99,

Beer Tracking Counting Bottle Opener

This bottle opener tells you how many beers you’ve had. Super cool, right? Not that you should be losing track of how deep you are or anything. It would also be handy for planning how much beer you really should be buying for your regular party guests.

Beer Tracking Counting Bottle Opener, $7.99,

Beer Cap Collector Shadowbox

A great addition to any finished basement with a bar, and perfect for that guy who kept hundreds of bottle caps in his room in college. You know the one.

Beer Cap Shadowbox, $65,

Beer Art Print

Beer and Star Wars in one artsy print? Do I even have to say anything else?

Beer Art Print, $7-30,

Corkcicle Chillsner Beer Chiller

The Chillsner comes in a set of two and is the perfect piece of equipment for any summer BBQ. Because who actually likes their beer warm? Sorry England, I just don’t get you.

Corkcicle, $24.95,

Silicone Beer Savers

Talk about a stocking stuffer! I’ll take these over pens and socks any day. Plus, they conveniently come in a 6-pack.

Beer Savers, $10,

On Tap Yankee Candle

So, Yankee Candle did possibly the coolest thing they’ve ever done and came up with a beer-scented candle. They even got semi-creative with the name.

On Tap Yankee Candle, $27.99,

Craft Beer Typography T-Shirt

You can never go wrong with a neat t-shirt. This one is a custom-print cotton shirt that comes in either black (pictured) or navy, and reps some delicious craft brews.

Craft Beer Typography T-Shirt, $18.99,

Draft Beer Jelly Beans

You know the child in you just squealed a little bit at these Jelly Belly beer beans. It should be noted however, that these are non-alcoholic candies and therefore purely for the love of the flavor of beer. Because that’s what it’s all about, right?

Draft Beer Jelly Beans 3.5 oz, $2.49,

Bottle Opener Cufflinks

These stainless silver cufflinks are for both the businessman and beer drinker in your life. I can’t vouch for how easy they are to operate, but as far as novelty items go, this one does it in style.

Bottle Opener Cufflinks, $49.95,

Brew-opoly Board Game

“Collect $200 salary as you pass go”… and chug a beer? Saving the best for last, this is the coolest board game ever, and makes Monopoly seem way more interesting. It isn’t even a drinking game, but it can easily become one!

Brew-opoly, $26,