When Is 'Serial's Season 1 Finale?

Here's some super heartbreaking news to start your morning off with: Though a second season of Serial has been confirmed to be happening at some point in the near future, it looks like we're going to be without any Serial to tide us all over very, very soon. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Serial season 1 finale date has been announced and — try to hold back your sobs of overwhelming sadness — it's next week.

As in...NEXT. WEEK.

That's so soon, it's like — in seven days. That doesn't seem like a lot at all because it's not — and yet, that's how much longer we have until Serial is over for an undisclosed amount of time. How will any of us cope?!

The announcement came during this Thursday's episode of the wildly popular podcast, which included a letter from the a major subject in this season's mystery, convicted murderer Adnan Syed, sharing his thoughts on the podcast's existence: "At this point, it doesn't matter to me how your story portrays me — guilty or innocent — I just want it to be over soon." Host Sarah Koenig followed up a reading of the letter with her own bombshell reveal: "And it will be. Next time, final episode of Serial."

Everything hurts and nothing makes sense anymore.

Image: Serialpodcast.org, Giphy