21 Gifts for 'Doctor Who' Fans So You Can Wish Them a Happy Christmas This Holiday Season

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Christmas is a special time — particularly in the world of Doctor Who. If you have a Doctor Who fan in your life, there are hundreds of Doctor Who gift ideas — the amount of unique gifts is almost equal to the planets the Doctor has traveled to (jussst kidding). Now, if you aren't a fan, the world of Doctor Who can be pretty intimidating since it's so expansive. You may not know all of the lingo, but the gist of the show is that Doctor Who is an alien who can travel through space and time in his TARDIS. He regenerates, so he has been able to be played by a plethora of actors over the show's 51-year-history and a reboot of the series in 2005 brought the Doctor back into mainstream pop culture. And the Doctor always has a companion accompany him on his adventures.

It's the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who Christmas specials, and they are always a delicious extra treat for fans (this year, we get Santa, plus a Doctor and companion kiss!). We Americans will be blessed with getting the airing on actual Christmas day on BBC America at 9 pm, so give your Doctor Who fan a double dose of joy this Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate!) with one of these Doctor Who-themed gifts. Fair warning: get ready for a lot of TARDIS-themed stuff — even if you don't get what the fuss is all about, your loved one surely will.

Image: BBC America

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