21 Gifts for 'Doctor Who' Fans So You Can Wish Them a Happy Christmas This Holiday Season

Christmas is a special time — particularly in the world of Doctor Who. If you have a Doctor Who fan in your life, there are hundreds of Doctor Who gift ideas — the amount of unique gifts is almost equal to the planets the Doctor has traveled to (jussst kidding). Now, if you aren't a fan, the world of Doctor Who can be pretty intimidating since it's so expansive. You may not know all of the lingo, but the gist of the show is that Doctor Who is an alien who can travel through space and time in his TARDIS. He regenerates, so he has been able to be played by a plethora of actors over the show's 51-year-history and a reboot of the series in 2005 brought the Doctor back into mainstream pop culture. And the Doctor always has a companion accompany him on his adventures.

It's the tenth anniversary of Doctor Who Christmas specials, and they are always a delicious extra treat for fans (this year, we get Santa, plus a Doctor and companion kiss!). We Americans will be blessed with getting the airing on actual Christmas day on BBC America at 9 pm, so give your Doctor Who fan a double dose of joy this Christmas (or whichever holiday you celebrate!) with one of these Doctor Who-themed gifts. Fair warning: get ready for a lot of TARDIS-themed stuff — even if you don't get what the fuss is all about, your loved one surely will.

Image: BBC America

Sonic Screwdriver Toothbrush

Although a toothbrush is typically a boring gift, this sonic screwdriver electric toothbrush makes the practical gift fun. It’s a vibrating toothbrush that is styled off of the Eleventh Doctor’s (portrayed by Matt Smith) sonic screwdriver — the handy tool that the Doctor uses to fix almost everything. It comes with an additional toothbrush head and 1 AA battery to make for a pretty sweet stocking stuffer.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Vibrating Toothbrush, $27, Amazon

Sonic Screwdriver

But really, who needs practical when it comes to Doctor Who? You can go full geek by buying your fan a “real” sonic screwdriver. Pictured is the Eleventh Doctor’s version of his amazing tool, but other versions are available if your fan prefers a different Doctor.

Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver of the 11th Doctor, $25, Amazon

TARDIS Shower Curtain

Know a Doctor Who fan who recently got their own place? Well, the TARDIS Shower Curtain makes an awesome gift (as long as they’re flexible when it comes to their bathroom decorating).

Doctor Who TARDIS Shower Curtain, $14, Amazon

K9 Slippers

The ultimate in comfort for Doctor Who marathon watching in the winter, Doctor Who-themed slippers are a reasonably cheap gift for your Whovian (as long as you know their shoe-size range). Warm and adorable, these K9 slippers celebrate the many beloved robotic dogs who are best known for accompanying the Fourth Doctor and the great companion Sarah Jane Smith (K9 also made a cameo with the Tenth Doctor). Wonderful for fans of classic Doctor Who and the reboot alike.

Exclusive Doctor Who K9 Slippers, $30, Think Geek


If you have bigger budget, you could also get a Doctor Who robe to be a companion to the slippers (see what I did there?). The available styles are TARDIS (of course) and Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor’s ensemble (scarf is part of the robe!).

Doctor Who Bathrobes, $40, Think Geek

Dalek Art

For your classy friends, this elegant print of a Dalek in front of Big Ben shows what good taste you have. Of course, Daleks are the Doctor’s number one enemy, but nemesis or not, Doctor Who fans will appreciate the creativeness. This particular print starts at $13.75, but the RaygunsandRobots vendor on Etsy has a special on prints — buy two, get one free. With over 30 Doctor Who designs starting at $10.80, you could get your favorite geek art that they’ll cherish.

Fine Art Print — “Dalek in London fog,” $14, Etsy

Dalek Dress

Help your fan get her geek on — literally — with this Dalek dress. Sizes range from Small to XXXL and it comes in gold and red (although some sizes are currently out of stock). They won’t want to Exterminate! you for this present.

Dalek A-Line Dress, $45, Think Geek

TARDIS Cardigan

This cardigan, available in junior’s sizes, has a subtle TARDIS on the front, and a Union Jack on the back. It’s great for fans who aren’t ready to commit to their fandom with a full Dalek dress.

Doctor Who TARDIS Union Jack Girls Cardigan, $30, Hot Topic

'Doctor Who' & 'Pulp Fiction' T-shirt

Have a Doctor Who and Pulp Fiction fan you need to shop for? This clever T-shirt has Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) and Eleventh Doctor in the iconic pose of John Travolta and Samuel L. Jackson from the film. It’s available in an array of colors and sizes.

Time Fiction T-shirt, $30, Red Bubble

TARDIS Blanket

A TARDIS throw blanket is a great gift, but this version has a bit of a twist with “Bad Wolf” graffitied onto it. You don’t have to understand the whole Bad Wolf mythology to give this gift — just know that fans of companion Rose Tyler will swoon. This blanket measures 50” x 60.”

Doctor Who Bad Wolf TARDIS Comfy Throw, $24, Hot Topic


And if the throw blanket is not enough cuddly TARDIS-themed stuff for you, this 10” x 20” pillow complements the blanket nicely.

Doctor Who Pillow, $13, Amazon


From sonic screwdriver pizza cutters to TARDIS spatuals, there are tons of kitchen-related Doctor Who paraphernalia. But as an American who loves British culture, the TARDIS teapot is my personal favorite. Combining Doctor Who and a teapot elevates any Anglophile’s kitchen.

Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot, $23, Amazon

Whovian Cookbook

The Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook, written by Chris-Rachael Oseland, features Doctor Who-themed recipes for every episode from Seasons 1-6 of the reboot. It’s sure to keep your Whovian busy in the kitchen all year long.

Dining with the Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook, $20, Amazon


Since things can get messy in the kitchen, ThinkGeek also offers a TARDIS apron with an adjustable strap. This is an especially good gift for Whovians who are big fans of companion Clara Oswald (you know, with the soufflés and all).

Doctor Who TARDIS Apron, $55, Amazon

Pint Glasses

For your fan who likes to wash down a beer or two, these TARDIS pint glasses are a perfect gift idea. At regular temperature, the TARDIS is pale blue, but when filled with a cold beverage, it turns to its normal, bright blue color. Since the TARDIS is known to appear and disappear unexpectedly, the receiver will truly admire the cleverness.

Doctor Who Disappearing TARDIS 2 Pack Pint Glass Set, $20, Think Geek

Glass Pendant Necklace

Etsy vendor Solas Jewelry creates Doctor Who glass pendant necklaces with a digital print Doctor Who message, quote, or photo. An inexpensive but thoughtful gift, Solas Jewelry also create pendants stating who your fan’s favorite Doctor is. (As pictured, mine is Tenth Doctor Tennant.)

Doctor Who Pendant Necklace, $15, Etsy

TARDIS String Lights

Light up your fans life with these TARDIS string lights. Each string comes with 10 TARDIS lights on a 9-foot cord. Perfect for decorating for a Doctor Who-themed party or for putting on a Christmas tree.

Doctor Who TARDIS String Lights, $25, Amazon

Holiday Ornaments

Speaking of Christmas trees, why not get you favorite Doctor Who fan something else to embellish their tree with? These Doctor Who holiday ornaments are available in Dalek, Cyberman, and — of course — TARDIS figurines.

Doctor Who Figural Holiday Ornaments, $15, Think Geek

Glass Ball Ornament

And since it is the holiday season, one more Christmas ornament wouldn’t be uncalled for. For long-time fans of the show (and we’re talking legitimately long-time here), the 50th anniversary glass ball ornament may be more their style. Featuring the first 11 Doctors (sorry, Peter Capaldi), this ornament was made last year to celebrate 50 years of Doctor Who on TV (the first episode “An Unearthly Child” aired in 1963).

Doctor Who Glass Ball Ornament, $10, Think Geek

River Song's Notebook

If you’re willing to splurge a bit on a notebook, this 440-page notebook is sure to make any River Song fan happy. Just remember, no spoilers.

Limited Edition Deluxe Doctor Who River Song’s TARDIS Journal, $45, Think Geek

Sonic Screwdriver Universal Remote

For the ultimate fan, this sonic screwdriver universal remote lets your Doctor Who loved one combine their love of TV, technology, and sci-fi all at once. It comes in both the Tenth and Eleventh Doctor styles and it recognizes 13 different gestures to control their devices. With ingenuity like this, the Doctor would be proud.

10th Doctor Sonic Screwdriver Programmable TV Remote, $100, Think Geek