7 Times Scott Disick Was the Cutest Dad Ever

by Nicole Pomarico

I'll admit it — when I first encountered Scott Disick in the early days of Keeping Up With The Kardashians , I wasn't his biggest fan. But were any of us? In those first couple of seasons, he was rude, sloppy with Kourtney's emotions, and partying constantly. So obviously, when Kourtney Kardashian announced that she was pregnant with her first baby, I seriously doubted Scott's parenting skills. How could he possibly be a good dad when he was so immature? But then, something magical happened: Either Scott grew up, or his on-screen persona did. And since the day Mason was born, Scott has been nothing but an amazing father.

Now, Kourtney and Scott have expanded their family to their adorable daughter, Penelope, and their third baby is on his way. After seeing Scott interact with his kids on KUWTK, it's easy to see that Mason and Penelope are lucky to have him as their father. You can't deny how much he loves these toddlers, and my fingers are crossed that the Kardashian reality show dynasty lives long enough to allow us to see how Scott fares in their teen years. Mainly because an angsty teenage girl has nothing on Lord Disick at his sassiest.

Still iffy on Scott's parenting skills? These ridiculously cute moments will definitely change your mind.

He's Good at Teaching his Kids Important Life Lessons

Even if those lessons involve inflatable whales.

The Kids Obviously Love Him a Lot

To be fair, Mason probably doesn't know a whole lot of people, so it's not surprising that Scott's his BFF. Does that make it any less adorable? No, it does not.

He's So Cute with Penelope

My ovaries. They are exploding. This is why babies are the best.

He Teaches Them the Important Skills They'll Need as Half-Kardashians.

Like the proper way to tan. And if this scene was any indication, Mason is a natural. Maybe he'll grow up to design his own line of socks like Uncle Rob, looking fabulous the whole time.

He Constantly Shows Them Affection

I just... I can't deal.

Which Means Plenty of Hugs

And He Sets an Awesome Example

Correct me if I'm wrong, but despite any fights or disagreements Scott and Kourtney have had on the show, never once has he spoken badly about their mother in front of his children — and he regularly reminds Mason of how much he loves his mom and asks him to take care of her and Penelope when he's away. And that's one of the best things a father can do.

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