Yet Another Reason to Watch 'The Mindy Project'

If you're anything like me, you're probably still bummed about the fact that Happy Endings is over — it was such a great little ensemble show! Good news though: Fox is helping ease the pain a little. According to Vulture, former Happy Endings star Adam Pally has been upped to a series regular on The Mindy Project , after he was initially brought on for a multi-episode arc to air this coming season. More Adam Pally! This day is starting to look up already.

As previously reported, Pally will portray Peter Prentiss, a new OB/GYN who will take James Franco's character's role once he leaves to go work on one of the 20 million other projects he's got on his plate at the moment. Interestingly enough, this casting news puts him in the same Tuesday comedy block as his former Happy Endings co-star Damon Wayans Jr., who rejoined the cast of New Girl after Happy Endings was canceled. It's also the same Tuesday 9-10 p.m. comedy block that ultimately killed Happy Endings, so... how's that for some irony?

If you didn't have reason to watch The Mindy Project before — and you should have, because it was created by and stars Mindy Kaling — you definitely do now. Now, who's up for an Adam Pally-on-Happy Endings GIF party to celebrate?