Angelina Jolie Schools Us All in Throwing Shade

Update: On Dec. 11 it was reported that Amy Pascal apologized for comments she made that were released in the leaks. Access Hollywood reports that in a statement released by Sony, Pascal called her comments "insensitive and inappropriate” and “not an accurate reflection of who I am.” Furthermore, she clarified that even though the emails were "stolen," she accepts "full responsibility for what I wrote and apologize to everyone who was offended.”

Have you ever found out someone said something unsavory about you behind your back and then tried to make nice with you face to face as if nothing had ever happened? Of course you have, especially if you've ever set foot in a high school. But the truth is, no one is immune to being talked about behind their back — especially not celebrities. That's exactly what happened to Angelina Jolie, when Sony cochairman Amy Pascal's explosive email conversation with producer Scott Rudin, describing Jolie as a "minimally talented spoiled brat," was leaked earlier in December.

The scandalous email conversation between Pascal and Rudin, which also mocked President Obama and his taste in movies in a racially charged email chain, was released just two days before The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment Power 100 Breakfast, which Jolie and Pascal both attended. At the event, the two women happened to run into each other.

People and other publications have been highlighting the apparent awkwardness of the photo, noting that while Pascal appears to be attempting to embrace Jolie, the actress seems more standoffish.

It's hard to say exactly what's going on here, but take a look at the photo below and decide for yourself.