Mary Swanson's Best 'Dumb & Dumber' '90s Looks Because the World Needs More Sundresses

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One of the greatest buddy comedies of all time, Dumb & Dumber just turned 20. Though the film might be all about Harry and Lloyd, their mad-cap insanity wouldn't be half as funny were it not for the colorful cast of straight-faced co-stars. Mary Swanson (Swammy? Slippy?), played by Lauren Holly, was the apple of both Harry and Lloyd's eyes... which lead to some, shall we say, "explosive" fights. I can't say I blame the fellas Mary Swanson was a total '90s babe. She had the perfect bob, a penchant for deep, dark lipstick and a wardrobe that the future Cher Horowitz's of the world would look up to. In honor of Dumb & Dumber 's 20th anniversary, here's Mary Swanson's best looks.

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