24 Gifts for Your Dog, Because Pets Deserve Some Holiday Love, Too

With the holidays coming up, you're probably thinking about what to buy your friends and family, but have you decided what to buy your dog for Christmas or Hanukkah? Your four-legged friends deserve gifts too, and this is the time of year when it's appropriate to spoil them. If you don't buy matching ugly Christmas sweaters with your dog, I've rounded up 24 items that will make their tails wag, from tasty festive treats to cute Santa costumes and much more. They're all under $50 (with most under $15), so you don't have to spend too much to make them bark with joy.

Images: PetSmart; Bocce's Bakery; Festified; West Paw Design; Harry Barker

Reindeer Toy

Rudolph will be your pup’s new best friend thanks to this cuddly and soft (yet tough) toy.

Tiny Tuff Reindeer, $13.95, West Paw Design

Mac 'n' Cheese Treats

Let your pup enjoy macaroni and cheese this holiday season, because we all deserve some.

Tartanware Mac n’ Cheese Treat Tin, $12, Harry Barker


This monthly subscription box is available in tiny (less than 10 lbs.), small & cute (10 to 20 lbs.), just right (20 to 50 lbs.), and big & bold (50-plus lbs.). You can opt for a one-month trial or get goodies delivered for a full year, with a mix of treats, toys, and other products perfectly picked for your dog.

BarkBox, between $19 and $19 based on frequency


If you like to carry around your dog like a baby, this fun Baby Bjorn-like pouch hooks into a hoodie, and you can buy it in black, sand, or pink.

Poucheze, $49.99, including hoodie and leash

Giraffe Dog Charm

Your pup can say hi to Clancy, the Paul Frank giraffe, with this cute charm for his or her collar.

Paul Frank Clancy Dog Charm, $12, 26 Bars and a Band

Shampoo and Conditioner

Pamper your pup with these fancy Kiehl’s products. They are full of soothing chamomile flower extract and gentle ingredients, whether you just use the shampoo, or go for the whole shebang with shampoo, conditioner, and a “cleansing spritz” that is basically a waterless bath. (Think dry shampoo for your dog.)

Cuddly-Coat Grooming Shampoo ($17), Conditioning Rinse ($17), and Spray-N-Play Cleansing Spritz ($13), Kiehl’s

Bearded Santa Hat

This may make your dog hate you for a while, but it will be totally worth it.

Bearded Santa Hat, $12, Trixie and Peanut

Personalized Stocking

This stocking could be for a dog, cat, or any other pet, and you could even make one for a human pal if you want.

Personalized Christmas Stocking, $24.95, eugenie2/Etsy

Bagel Dog Toy

This company is called “Chewish” and they make Jewish dog toys. Perfect for Hanukkah!

Chewish Bagel Dog Toy, $9, Modern Tribe

Pink Dog Bowl

It could seem a little weird for your pup to drink out of a dog-shaped bowl, but this is too cute to question. It also comes in blue if you have a little guy at home.

Here Doggy Pink Bowl, $10.57, Baxter Boo

Bow Tie Dog Collar

He’s so fancy, he already knows.

Bow Tie Dog Collar, $9.99 (small) to $14.99 (large), Petco

Sweet House Dog Dome

This looks ridiculously comfortable, and your dog will love it.

Sweet House Dog Dome, $38.99, Wayfair

Ginger Dog Toys

This looks like a holiday sweet treat that your dog may try to eat.

Ginger Dog Toy, $8.95 (small) and $14.95 (large), West Paw Design

Custom Dog Coat

You can customize the colors of this warm winter coat so that your pup can enjoy the snow, too! You can even get his or her name written across the back.

Custom Dog Coat, $39.99, Pride Bites

Holiday Biscuit Box

These flavors will blow your mind: The Big Apple Pie, Peppermint Bark, and Green Juice. Yep, green juice for your dog. Have we gone too far? There are also other flavors available, like truffle mac and cheese and PB&J.

Holiday Biscuit Box, $28, Bocce’s Bakery

Santa Dog Gift Bucket

This bucket is your one-stop shop for four different toys, and you can even customize the pail with your pup’s name.

Santa Dog Gift Bucket, $44 (small) and $48 (large), Harry Barker

Santa Suit Dog Sweater

Combine this with the bearded Santa hat, and you’ve got the perfect holiday photo.

Santa Suit Dog Sweater, $21.99, Festified

Mrs. Claus Sequin Dog Dress

If you have a little princess at home, this one may be more fitting.

Mrs. Claus Sequin Dog Dress, $18.97 (XXS) to $24.97 (large), Baxter Boo

Sherpa Duffle Pet Carrier

This airline-approved bag is comfortable for your dog and also easy to carry. Perfect for holiday travel.

Sherpa Duffle Pet Carrier, $28.70, Amazon

Tizzi Dog Toy

This flexible rubber toy is great for fetch, tug o’war, or just bouncing around to chase after. It’s also dishwasher safe, recyclable, and can float.

Tizzi Dog Toy, $11 (small) and $18 (large), West Paw Design

Penguin Dog Toy

If you get enough, it can be like March of the Penguins at your house.

Penguin Dog Toy, $10 (small) and $12 (large), Harry Barker

Reindeer Dog Bed

It’s almost too cute to sleep on, but everyone will enjoy it. You can stare at it, and your dog can sleep on it.

Martha Stewart Pets Reindeer Dog Bed, $20.99, Petsmart

Dreidel Dog Toy

Give this a spin with your dog, or maybe try tug o’war. Either way, it’s fun for Hanukkah.

Dreidel Dog Toy, $10.04, Amazon

Isaac Mizrahi Shoe Toy

This is the cheapest Isaac Mizrahi heel you’ll ever find, and it will allow your dog to chew your shoes without actually destroying anything. Win-win.

Isaac Mizrahi Floral Dot Shoe Toy, $10, Funny Fur