10 Signs it's Time for a New Career

by Nile Cappello

When the new year hits, it brings to mind other new things, or things you wish were, well, new. The most important for a professional lady? Her career. It's one of the most common areas up for change because it has so much influence over our well-being.

There’s something about New Year’s resolutions that tend to make us itch for change, inspiring a complete sense of discontent with everything from the way we look to the way we spend our days. But it’s important not to jump to any rash conclusions — sometimes, what you’re really looking for is a career renewal, not a career change.

Although a career change could very well be in the cards for 2015, look at the key points before making the jump: what are you really looking for, why do you feel the need for change, and what are you hoping to leave behind (because a renewed 2015 means leaving the excess in 2014)?

To help you decide whether 2015 is the right time to make this major life decision, we compiled some key signs that you might want to consider breathing some new life into your current career, rather than abandoning it completely. Check out our 10 signs below before you make any moves.

You Look Forward to Mondays

Do you still enjoy getting up and going to work, even on notoriously-awful Mondays? Then you might want to consider the possibility that your career is, in fact, a good fit for you. It’s hard to find a place, outside of your home, that you’re willing to spend eight hours a day at — let alone that you’re excited about.

You Still Have More to Offer

Do you feel like you have more skills to bring to the job, maybe some that you aren't being taken up on? If so, you might want to consider exploring new opportunities within your current career, rather than making an overall change. If you still feel like you have more to offer the job — that your skill set has not plateaued — there’s still the possibility of breathing new life into what feels like an old career. You might look into a promotion, or tackling a more challenging side project at your current gig.

There’s More to Learn

On the opposite side, do you still feel like you have more to learn from this job? I once heard someone say “as soon as I stop learning, I get bored” — a quote I find to be particularly poignant and often the cause of the ennui many of us feel in our day-to-day jobs. If you’re truly convinced there is nothing more to learn from your current position, it might be time for a change — but if not, looking at your job from this angle might cure some of the discontent you’re feeling.

You Still Get Excited About New Projects

Still find yourself intrigued by your company’s new marketing campaign? Or wanting to get involved with a new tracking program? Then don't jump ship quite yet. If there are still projects you feel excited by, it’s a good sign what you’re actually craving is just more stimulus — not necessarily a major change. If you’re not already working on these projects, see if there are ways to get involved with what really is sparking your interest.

Your Co-Workers are Awesome

Look forward to grabbing lunch with your co-workers? Or better yet, your boss? Often, the people that you’re surrounded by at work can be just as important as the work itself — and can be a total savior for your overall well-being. Finding a solid group of people who you enjoy as humans and as co-workers is rare, and should be a sign that you might be in the right place.

You’re Interested in Other Facets of the Company

Are you working in paid advertising, but really interested in organic marketing? If you find yourself intrigued by areas slightly outside your job description, don’t hesitate to see if there are ways to get involved with different projects. Day-to-day monotony is a common culprit of feeling the need for change, so take it into your own hands and pursue the areas of your job that get you the most excited!

You’re Just Want Change, Any Change

Just feeling the need to change something? Something as major as changing a career might not be the right move if you think you might just be itching for any type of change. Try some less risky ways of renewing your daily routine: upgrade your room decor, toss some of your old and worn-out clothing, treat yourself to a facial to rejuvenate your skin, try a bold new haircut (we'll leave some lob inspiration here).

You Don’t Have a Plan

Not sure what your next move would be? I get it, it’s extremely difficult to not act immediately once you get an idea into your head. But quitting in a moment of passion can have serious repercussions — especially if your industry's job market is in flux, as it is for most of us. If you are going to make a career change, be sure you have at least a semblance of an idea of your next move. Or a hefty savings account.

You Haven’t Asked for What You Really Want

Know what you want from your current position, but haven’t asked for it? Look, bosses are not mind readers. It can be daunting to straight-up ask for a change in responsibility, promotion, raise, or even simply to get involved with new projects — but it can be very, very worth it. If you’re feeling frustrated with your current status but haven’t asked for anything different, try this approach before completely abandoning your current role.

You Assume the Grass is Greener

Your friend with the enviable startup job? She might be secretly envious of the security and stability you have in your corporate role. It can be difficult not to get wooed simply by the way other careers appear — but be wary of judging from the outside. Think about what you really want out of a career, and how a change will help you achieve this, before you make the move.