15 Times Ariana Grande's Hair Wilded Out & Attempted to Break Free... From Her Body

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Even if most of it may not be her own, Ariana Grande has an unorthodox amount of hair. Like, I'm talking the amount of hair that Rapunzel would have if she took 3 daily doses of biotin laced with growth hormone. Looking at some pictures of her hair in motion, it's clear that Ariana Grande's hair did some crazy things in 2014. When she tosses it over her shoulder, it flounces up in a cartoonishly slow-motion manner. When she walks, it creates its own wind. When she skips, her ends seem to levitate as if she's being beamed up to an alien space ship.

It's hard to deny that this noted half-up enthusiast has a head of locks that defy the laws of physics. To prove that point, let's take a look back at all the times Ariana Grande's hair has wilded out in 2014. This is the part where her weave breaks free.

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