Is Ariana Grande Wearing a Half-Up Ponytail or Not? Test Your Knowledge of the Grande Coif

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How closely to you follow Ariana Grande's hair? Are you working on your PhD. in the history of the Grande coif, or do you have a basic working knowledge? You don't need to be an expert to know that Ariana Grande seldom wears her hair down in public. By now, you're so used to the sight of Ariana Grande in a half-up, that in the event of a big pink circle inexplicably obscuring her face, you'd definitely be able to discern whether she was wearing her hair up or down, right?

With the help of "Apple Image Preview," that's what I did. So, let's put your knowledge to the test. Can you predict if Ariana Grande is wearing a half-up ponytail or not, just from viewing her shoulders? This is the kind of trivial pursuit that you can bust out at Christmas, and slay all your older-generation relatives with.

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