8 Easy DIY Christmas Cards to Send This Holiday Season, Because Why Buy Them If You Can Make Them?

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Coming up with fun, easy DIY holiday cards is one of the traditions that I think everyone should partake in during the month of December. They might be a little corny, but in an age of so much technology, it’s refreshing to get real, postal service mail that includes a pretty card with well wishes and a funny/ridiculous holiday photo inside.

The nicest thing about holiday cards is how personal they can be, which is why I think they’re best when they were obviously made by the person sending them. It’s so rare to get a beautiful DIY Christmas card from a friend or family member, but it’s also really awesome. Plus, making your own cards isn’t as hard as it seems, and it will probably save you money. So, why don’t you become the person sending out DIY cards? These options are all simple, and will make everyone you know super impressed. Here are 8 DIY Christmas cards — try at least one this year.

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