2014 Fashion and Beauty Trends I Refuse to Give Up — Because Leopard Print and Pastel Hair Until the Day I Die

So 2014 was actually a pretty great year for fashion, if you think about it. Street style went all relaxed cool and was all about elevating basic wardrobe pieces in a really accessible way. Red carpet fashion was femme to the max with shimmer, lace and daring cutouts all over the place. Hair trended towards embracing texture and playing with color and length, while lips and brows were both big and bold. Even though there were some red carpet missteps by our dependable favorites (get it together Karlie and Kerry) and some boring ensembles, I feel like we came out ahead this year, and are going into 2015 strong! Clear eyes, full brows, can't lose.

In the end, there were a lot of 2014 trends that I fell in love with — trends I'm going to keep next year. And most likely, until the day I die. Think faux fur is a thing of these 12 months passed? Think again!

The Lob

It’s the perfect hair length for just about everyone, and we don’t know how we lived this long without realizing it. Long enough to pull back, but short enough to be quick to style and have good bounce — we love you lob!Image: Instagram/gabifresh

Crop Tops

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Midriffs of the world, rejoice! The sassy top looks like it has staying power, thanks in some part to Taylor Swift’s enigmatic belly button. This style is perfect for a literally chill, cool look in the summer or an easy way to show a sliver of skin in the cooler months.

Big, Baggy "Boyfriend" Style

Paul Morigi/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If there is something you love to wear, chances are you got it in “oversized” in 2014. This year was about playing with proportions and mixing slightly baggier classics with contemporary, modern pieces to create a chic “it-girl” look. We’re not going to give this up once we’ve mastered it, are we?

Health Goth

The neo-goth trend went full-force with the cool kids this year and the natural side effect was to appropriate the sportswear trend. Hey, not everyone wants to work out in bright colors! Goth is a lifestyle. I predict this dark yet cheeky look is going to stick around.Image: Health Goth

Rainbow Hair

Katy Perry wasn’t the only one who had fun with her hair color this year. Both brights and pastels went mainstream and had us spiking our conditioner with Manic Panic. I hope hair stays playful in the coming year.Image: Instagram/randomactsofpastel

Leopard Print

This year, leopard print went more high-fashion than Jersey Shore and I liked it. The perfect chic accent for those who are embracing minimalism and pumped-up basics, leopard print is a quick way to add a little fun. Let’s stick to neutral tones and the classic pattern to keep this look current in the new year.

Image: Twitter/Man Repeller

Pretty Pastels

Fashion bloggers and celebrities alike covered themselves in pastels throughout the spring and summer. After the recent neon trend, soft pastels were a refreshing change. I think we owe the pale hues another season in the sun.

Image: Instagram/nicolettemason

Bucket Bags

This bag was one of the most coveted and searched-for bags of the year according to Racked. While it’s definitely fashionable, I’m hoping we all embrace functional bags that can fit all of our stuff and be slung across our bodies in 2015.

Image: Mansur Gavriel

Pretty, Conspicuous Underthings

Mark Davis/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Independent lingerie designers were everywhere in 2014, and celebrity red carpet looks seemed to want to show off those delicate undergarments. Just the right amount of ladylike and saucy, this is a trend that has room to grow in the new year.

(Faux) Fur

Fur, fur, and more fur seemed to be the glamorous cry of the fashion elite on Instagram this fall. Longer vintage furs and cropped, modern faux jackets and vests are the perfect chic topper to jeans and a tee or an evening gown. Versatile and just plain warm, this is as much about fashion as function. Image: Nordstrom

Big Brows

There’s no such thing as an eyebrow game too strong, in my opinion. Gone are thin, overplucked, and overarched brows. 2014 left our tweezers lonely, but made our eyebrow pencils our best companions. We’d like to see this universally flattering trend stick around.

Image: Nylon/Eyebrow Game Too Strong Tee

Matching Seperates

Being matchy-matchy hasn’t been this hip since kindergarten. Take the guesswork out of getting dressed and throw on a tailored crop top and skirt or a pantsuit to channel Solange.

Image: Twitter/Yuddy Ella

Canadian Tuxedo

Denim on denim is having a moment right now and we’d like to ride it out. Denim shirts are one of the most versatile wardrobe items you can own and good jeans are a staple in any closet. Put ‘em together with some accessories and booties and you’re looking effortlessly cool and classic.

Image: Twitter/KimKanyeKimye