2014 Fashion and Beauty Trends I Refuse to Give Up — Because Leopard Print and Pastel Hair Until the Day I Die

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So 2014 was actually a pretty great year for fashion, if you think about it. Street style went all relaxed cool and was all about elevating basic wardrobe pieces in a really accessible way. Red carpet fashion was femme to the max with shimmer, lace and daring cutouts all over the place. Hair trended towards embracing texture and playing with color and length, while lips and brows were both big and bold. Even though there were some red carpet missteps by our dependable favorites (get it together Karlie and Kerry) and some boring ensembles, I feel like we came out ahead this year, and are going into 2015 strong! Clear eyes, full brows, can't lose.

In the end, there were a lot of 2014 trends that I fell in love with — trends I'm going to keep next year. And most likely, until the day I die. Think faux fur is a thing of these 12 months passed? Think again!

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