19 Great Small Press Books You May Have Missed in 2014, As Chosen By Small Press Editors (Because Who Better, Right?)

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As Big Five publishers release hundreds of titles a year and dominate best-of-books lists, small press books sometimes fly under the radar. Yes, even we miss them; despite our reputation as voracious and diverse readers at Bustle, even we're guilty of overlooking some of the most beautiful, profound, and distinct voices in American literature.

Of course, small press books have made a splash in many venues this year, but I know there's plenty of stuff that we've missed. So, for suggestions, I asked small press editors from eight houses — you know, the ones who do the tireless, thankless work of discovering new writers — for which books on their own lists they loved most this year. This is an non-exhaustive list of great small press books, of course, but maybe you'll discover something on here you didn't know was out there.

Image: Adam Berry/Getty Images

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