Aaron Paul Has the Weirdest Secret Talent

One of the undeniable pleasures of Breaking Bad is that no matter how harrowing or depressing or generally WTF an episode gets, you can always cap it off with a good ol' dose of Aaron Paul being adorable. His personal brand of charming effervescence spans a whole array of factoids, but the most recent (and quite possibly the weirdest) is the recent revelation on Jimmy Kimmel Live that Aaron Paul can tell a dog's sex just by petting it.

Well, OK then. I guess we'll call that a talent. It's certainly entertaining, as displayed in his appearance last night.

"Bitch!" Paul hollered as he pet a wee dog with a pink ribbon round its neck. Aaron was blindfolded, so he couldn't see the ribbon, and his character-appropriate exclamation was indeed factually correct. He got the next one right, and the next, and the next. "This one's got balls, bitch!" he yelled in response to petting the first male one.

So far, it seems, his bizarre talent is holding up. He apparently discovered this ability when he was a kid, and we imagine the process for discovering such a fact about yourself is an interesting one. Or at least one that involves touching a hell of a lot of dogs.