Pennsylvania Shooting Suspect Found Dead

A normally quiet Pennsylvania county was shaken by three deadly shootings on Monday — and the suspect, Bradley Stone, who apparently shot his former wife and six of her relatives, was found dead Tuesday. Starting at approximately 3:55 a.m. on Monday morning, the suspect opened fire in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania's Lower Salford Township before continuing his shooting rampage in the Souderton and Lansdale boroughs. The shooting sparked a manhunt, and according to NBC, Stone committed suicide. His body was found near his home in Pennsburg.

On Monday morning, the first shots were fired at the Pheasant Run Apartments in Lower Salford, where two bullet holes in the wall could be seen from the outside. Police found a woman inside who had been shot to death. A neighbor told Philadelphia's WPVI Action News, " I heard three or four gunshots. I heard the kids saying, 'Mommy no! Mommy no!'"

The second shots were reported about a half-hour later at around 4:25 a.m. in Landsdale. Police arrived on the scene to find two more people shot to death. The third shooting occurred in Souderton in a standoff between the gunman and the SWAT team; two more victims were found dead and a teenager was injured in the standoff.

Earlier, the suspect had been reported to be barricaded in a house in Souderton, but the SWAT team did not find him after conducting a search.

The Souderton Area School District had issued a "shelter in place" earlier on Monday morning, but later lifted it and announced that schools were secure.

Image: PottstownMercury/Twitter