13 Gifts For 'Orange is the New Black' Fans Because 26 Episodes Just Isn't Enough

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There's no kind of Christmas like a Litchfield Christmas, y'all — and the obsessive Orange is The New Black fans in your life know that better than anyone else. And by "obsessive," I mean anyone who has ever actually seen the show, because it's impossible to watch the Netflix hit without becoming totally consumed by it. It's probably safe to say that your friends and family who have discussed the finer plot points of OITNB with you over Thanksgiving dinner this year would be totally delighted by Orange Is The New Black gifts, and thanks to a beautiful thing called Etsy, the options are quite literally endless.

Drew your co-worker for Secret Santa, and the only thing you've ever talked to her about is the time she binge-watched the show over a long weekend? These gifts will totally work for her. Is your roommate constantly talking about what an incredible character Crazy Eyes is? Done. BFF who's talking about dressing up as Piper next Halloween? Got her covered, too. Click through the slideshow and find 13 perfect OITNB-related gifts, and you can thank me later.

Image: Netflix

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