Marc Jacobs' Spring 2015 Teaser Images Offer Militaristic Take on the Menswear Trend

If you dig the menswear trend, then two teaser images from Marc Jacobs' upcoming campaign should have you doing a fashion happy dance. Even if dude-like duds aren't your thing, you can still appreciate the aesthetics of these early, images from Marc Jacobs' military-influenced Spring 2015 collection. The pieces are menswear-driven, complete with boxy cuts, roomy shapes, and messy hair. Sorta like Julia Roberts for Givenchy. But Jacobs' take on menswear next season is very militaristic. Salute!

What I like most about the images is the imperfectness of the hair. It's okay to be "no muss, no fuss" with your hair, especially when the clothes are tailored and constructed. In relation to the theme, military life is so regimented and strict. Therefore, the bedhead is a welcome contrast and suggests an uncommon looseness, one that matches the shape of the clothes.

The military green hue of this particular outfit is stunning, too. You can't mess with it or the ornament-like buttons, even if you aren't a menswear devotee.

MJ's spring ad campaign will include the biggest names and most beautiful faces among the model set, from Karlie Kloss to Adriana Lima to Joan Smalls to Jessica Stam to Kendall Jenner, the latter of which is the of-the-moment runway strutter. She walked for Jacobs in his runway show, so it makes sense.

Like what you see so far? The full campaign starts running in January, so keep an eye out in your fave fashion mags so you can see these artsy ads.

It's really the equivalent of fashion porn. If you can't afford a Jacobs ensemble, you can still "ooh" and "aah" over Karlie, Kendall, and the gals wearing fancy pants and pieces.

Images: Marc Jacobs (2)