10 Fashionable Phone Cases For Every Glitz and Glamour Lover on Your List

For a lot of people, "accessorizing" isn't a huge deal. It's not something that they necessarily put that much thought or effort into, aside from throwing on the odd hat or scarf, matching the belt with the shoes, putting on a watch or some bits and bats of jewelry or picking out a handbag — you know, the usual. For these people, that's all that's required or needed to feel stylish and properly accessorized for their daily ensemble.

For some of us others, though, accessorizing doesn't just simply stop at putting on some jewelry and choosing a handbag. Ohhh no. Some of us take personalizing our things very, very seriously. We take it a step further and accessorize everything we can. I, personally, am an accessorizing queen and have everything from my lighters to my laptop all blinged-up with some sort of decal or decoration. It seems excessive to some, but I just can't stop! And everything looks so lovely afterwards.

Personalizing your shit is trending, people! And since everyone seems completely glued to their cellphones these days, it's no surprise that your mobile has quickly become one of the most popular items to accessorize with. An ensemble is no longer complete unless you have a snazzy, fashion-forward case to adorn it! So if you're in search for some gifts for fashion lovers, you can help them make phone cases a part of their #OOTD. Let's have a look a some bold, eye-catching phone cases that really make a statement.

by Courtney Mina

Barbie Mirror

Moschino iPhone 5 Runway Capsule Collection, $85,

Hot Hot Dog

Katy Perry Hot Dog Cover for iPhone 5, 5S and 5C, $14,

Pink Pearls

Pink Pearl Phone Case, $50,

Gloriously Golden

Zero Gravity iPhone, $35,

French Fry Lovin'

iPhone 5 Runway Capsule Collection, $43,

Kitty Purry

Katy Perry Kitty Purry Pink Quilted Silicone Cover, $12,


SKINNY DIP Popcorn iPhone 5 Case, $34,


Gatsby Girl Daisy Buchanan Phone Case, $30,

Glitter and Glamour

SKINNY DIP Jeweled iPhone 5 Case, $38,

Be a Unicorn

iPhone 5/5s Unicorn Silicone Case, $24,