The 10 Most Feminist TV Episodes of 2014 Happen To Be Some of the Best of the Year, Period

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What makes a piece of pop culture feminist? Is it because the female characters are empowered, strong badasses? The desire to only support perfect, self-identified feminist characters on screen is noble but myopic. I desire characters who are complex, messy, and ultimately human. I think that what truly makes a piece of pop culture feminist is a sincere interest in the interior lives of women. That criteria was met this year by 10 TV shows that produced feminist episodes so great, other series should follow their lead in 2015.

Women can be moral and corrupt, heroes and villains, complex saints and remorseful sinners, strong and vulnerable. So shouldn't we celebrate episodes that show our diverse emotional, moral, sexual, and intellectual selves? Hell yes. This list of the 10 most feminist episodes of 2014 prove it was an awesome year for layered portrayals of women, many of which were created by talented, female showrunners.

Image: Jeff Neumann/CBS

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