Moments All Girls Who Like Sports Understand

Confession: I am not a sports fan. As such, I may or may not actually be the right person to be tackling BuzzFeed Yellow’s latest video, “Moments All Girls Who Like Sports Will Understand.” However, I do happen to enjoy a number of other “unfeminine” hobbies, which is the broader theme addressed here — so let’s take a look, shall we? Because really, you can swap in any pastime that girls aren’t “supposed” to like, and you’ll end up in pretty much the same situations. BuzzFeed is definitely on point with this one — and yes, it’s funny to boot. After all, the best comedy always hits on real issues, right?

For some incredibly dumb reason, it’s long been believed that women can’t possibly like sports — and if they look like they do, they’re just doing it to impress a dude. But hey, guess what? Female sports fans make up about 35 percent of fans in each league. The NFL’s growth over recent years is largely thanks to its female fan base. More women than ever are playing Fantasy Football. Clearly women do like sports, and they like them for the same reason everyone does: Because they're fun.

Itself a variation on an article written by Lindsey Adler for BuzzFeed earlier this year, the video illustrates a mere smattering of the kinds of things women who love sports find themselves having to deal with on a regular basis — both the good and the bad. All I can say is, I hope one day that we finally find ourselves living in a society where we don’t gender every last, little thing. Because seriously — everyone should be free to enjoy whatever they like without having to “prove” to anyone that they’re “worthy” of it.

Here are a few notable moments; scroll down to watch the whole video. When you’re a lady sports fan or athlete, you…

1. Regularly Put Jerks Like These in Their Place.

“Which one of these guys do you think is the hottest?” says the douche standing next to you while you’re busy watching a complicated football play. But hey, at least when he asks you to name one player on the Saints other than Drew Brees, you can shove his jerky little foot right back in his mouth as you reel off every single stat you know and love about Jimmy Graham.

2. “Fantasy Night” Looks Like This.

Nothing is more romantic than brokering a team for your fantasy league with your significant other. And no, I do not mean that ironically.

3. You're Annoyed That This Is How Teams Market To You

You don't need to play in the Lingerie League, thanks. In fact, while we’re on the subject…

4. Your Reaction to Someone Telling You the Game of Pickup Football You’re About to Play “Isn’t the Lingerie League” Is This.

That is, the most epic, ass-kicking play seen this side of the Superdrome. Heck. Yes.

Put in your mouth guard, grab your jersey, and watch the whole video here:

Images: BuzzFeed Yellow/YouTube (5)