13 Printable Holiday Cards Perfect for Sending Last Minute Season’s Greetings to All Your Friends

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When did everyone start sending Christmas cards? Is that an "official adult status" type of activity? Either way, it’s getting closer and closer to Santa’s big day, and you have yet to send any season’s greetings to your family. It’s OK, you guys. Better late than never, isn’t that what someone said? Who said that, btw? Can they call your parents and relay that message? Good grief.

Luckily, Etsy has your back in this time of candy cane crisis and offers a massive selection of adorbs Christmas cards that can be printed out, folded, signed, sealed, and delivered. Some have vintage holiday scenery, many have pop culture references, and all have a really gorgeous design that your recipient will proudly display on their fridge. And that really is the end game here, isn’t it? You just want to send a card cool enough to land a spot on the food box. All of these cards are individually priced, and include a downloadable file that you can print immediately. Just make sure you have a color printer, some fancy-schmance paper to make the images really pop, and an envelope to handle all that sealed and delivered business we talked about.

Image: CV Custom Press

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