Tumblr's Top 20 Sponsored Posts of 2014 Were...

You might think Tumblr has taken a backseat to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter these days, but au contraire, my friends. The Tumblr game is strong with users reportedly posting more than 98.4 billion items at an average of 83.3 million posts a day. For that reason, they are still a very attractive medium for advertisers, especially as far as millenials go. Since launching in-stream sponsored posts in 2013, more than 300 advertisers have reached out to the blog platform. Adweek has compiled a list of the 20 most successful brands on Tumblr this year — some of which are pretty expected, while others are a bit more surprising.

Taking the number one spot was AT&T. Their post? A rather simple, rather ordinary image of a text message bubble that read, "when you know what you want call me." It collected almost 450,000 notes. Cray. The young man behind the phrase believed it was so popular because it was a very relatable text message he thought everyone had at least once sent or received. Boy, was he right. In second place was St. Ives. They posted a GIF of waves crashing on two pairs of bare feet in the sand. It received almost 175,000 notes, proving that a Hawaiian vacation will and always be a dreamy idea.

Following St. Ives were Axe, Adidas, Virgin Mobile and Trolli. Yeah, Trolli the gummy candy brand. I think it was less about the love of the brand and more about the hilarious GIF they created below, which was engaged with 98,250 times.

If you're anything like me, you expected Apple to make the list. Because what list aren't they on? But in its place at number 8 was IBM with their heartwarming and motivational GIF that included the saying, "obstacles are really opportunities in disguise." The world can apparently relate. Tremendously.

In addition to the above brands were Jansport, Ray-Ban, Dior and Denny's. To check out the complete list in order, head over to Ad Week.

Image Credit: Tumblr