51 Valid Reasons Not to Get Out of Bed Today

If your bed isn’t your happy place, then you need to reorganize your priorities and maybe reexamine your general outlook on life. During winter especially (I know, I know, it’s technically still fall, but it’s also intensely frigid outside, and I bet you’ve been using your heater and wearing your warmest coat, so it's basically winter), our bed is the safest place we know. Its blankets, sheets, and pillows cocoon and shield us from that harsh reality outside our bedrooms. Which is why we should frequently dedicate entire days to staying in bed, at least once every several months.

Maybe you’ve spent the day in bed while sick, but I’m talking about purposely keeping yourself in bed for one whole day. Like really soaking up your bed’s comforts and joys, sprawling until there is no tomorrow, and putting yourself first. I think there should even be a (paid, obviously) holiday dedicated to staying in bed. Imagine how much happier every single employee in the world would be after a wholesome day in bed doing nothing (or everything)?

Can you imagine it? Here's 51 reasons why staying in bed all day is a really, really excellent idea:

1. Your bed feels like a cloud made of soft cotton, heaven, and baby cheeks

2. You’ve been meaning to read that one book that’s just hanging out on your bedside table all lonely and untouched

3. All six seasons of Gossip Girl are on Netflix, hello?

4. Writing poems in bed is the best way to write poems (or stories, or whatever you want to write)

5. It’s really, really cold outside

6. Can you even process the thought of braving the cold just to get to work?

7. Speaking of which, you need a break from work

8. So you can online shop

9. I mean, so you can online shop for other people, since it’s the holiday season

10.You’ll get hungry, but that’s why delivery exists

11. And you don’t even need to talk to humans anymore to make this happen—you can just order online because technology FTW

12. You get to wear sweatpants all day

13. And that comfy, oversized sweater that is slightly too dingy for the outside world

14. And your UGGs (you have a secret pair, admit it)

15. And your fuzzy socks because obviously

16. You don’t have to put on a bra

17. You can finally give yourself the DIY mani-pedi you so deserve

18. And you can do so while enjoying a fine glass of chilled white wine—OH GOD YES

19. Because you haven’t played Sims in a while and who knows what kinds of shenanigans the humans you created are up to. Time to do some maintenance and feel like god.

20. You can make a new playlist on Spotify or iTunes and it will make you feel like everything is in its right place

21. Because you haven’t spent two straight hours hate-stalking someone in a long, long time. Time to get on that.

22. You get to eat soup. In bed.

23. If you don’t get out of bed, then you don’t have to make it. Ha!

24. You can call someone up and be all, “Come over and snuggle your body against my body.”

25. And/or you could have warm sex in bed

26. If you start to feel gross and lifeless, you can just YouTube a yoga video

27. And while you’re at it, you can look up some cool life hacks so that you can become a more prolific, crafty human being

28. You have Gmail and Facebook chat to get your socializing in

29. Or not. People are annoying.

30. I bet you’ve been meaning to organize your e-mail inbox

31. You can conveniently take a nap whenever you want

32. You don’t have to bathe

33. You can meditate, because meditating is good for your soul, probably

34. Because Tumblr

35. Staying in bed is the perfect solution to not run into people you don’t want to run into

36. You also won’t have to drive anywhere. Driving in winter weather is stress-inducing and awful.

37. Brushing your teeth is optional

38. So is wearing deodorant

39. If you’re a regular wearer of make-up, you get to give your skin a much-needed break

40. You can have a several hour-long heart-to-heart with your mom or dad (or both)

41. Having your groceries delivered IS an option, after all

42. Or you can just put off groceries and eat Chex Mix and peppermint bark ice-cream for dinner. No shame in that.

43. Staying in bed is especially great if you’re on your period and have satanic cramps

44. Your body probably needs the rest, let’s be honest

45. Because when’s the last time you just hung out in bed and did absolutely nothing with your brain or body?

46. OK, fine you can scroll through Twitter

47. And feel pure bliss when you see that the people you follow on Instagram have to trudge through the snow and the cold. Ha! Suckers. No matter what filter you guys use, you can't hide the misery that is outside.

48. You get to send your friends Snapchats of you hanging out in bed. Bwahaha.

49. You get to just sleep, because sleep really is the best thing there is.

50. Because lighting up some candles and chilling out is incomparable

51. And because the world is a cruel, cruel place. But your bed is a haven filled with warmth and positive vibes.

Images: One.Jupiter/Flickr; Giphy(17)