What Twitter Has To Say About 'Serial' Ending

At the moment, you're probably struggling to swallow the stiff cocktail of conflicting emotions about Serial coming to its fated conclusion. Don't fret. You're not alone. Everyone on Twitter is feeling serious feelings about the upcoming Serial finale just like you are.

While the cessation of the true crime phenomenon is sure to leave a serious void in your Thursdays, it's hard not to feel a bit guilty about not wanting this story to end. After all, the subject — Adnan — isn't exactly enthused about the fact that he's been transformed into a character in a murder mystery. In the letter that Sarah Koenig shared with us last week from Adnan, I believe his exact words were, "I just want it to be over" I can't blame him in the least. Dredging up old trauma is painful. Add in a national audience, and you’ve got a stone-cold nightmare.

This ending will be a relief and a loss. Just as Adnan wishes, the show will be over. We will have a rhapsodic conclusion that may tell us something, but may tell us nothing. Maybe there will be some break in the case somewhere down the road, and Adnan will have justice served. At the very least, Adnan won't have to listen to his story be told to the world by someone else in pieces every week.

However, this means we're saying goodbye to Adnan, Sarah Koenig, the Psycho -reminiscent theme song, and Mail Kimp. If you're feeling a little lonely and sad in your preventative mourning, just know that you aren't the only one. Here's what people have to say on Twitter about the conclusion of Serial.

Now, feel free to indulge in a good, long cry and head down to the Crab Crib to eat away your sorrows.

Image: Serial Podcast