The 'Into the Woods' Cast's Singing Histories

On Christmas Day, a new round of severely entertaining fare will hit movie theaters worldwide. Chief among them is the big screen adaptation of Stephen Sondheim's Into the Woods . It's a star-studded affair: Meryl Streep's there to throw all the characters around, including Anna Kendrick's Cinderella and Emily Blunt's Baker's Wife. Some of the cast, though, like Chris Pine (who'll be playing a pompous prince), have not had their singing abilities aired to the public much before.

Only actually hearing everyone's contributions to the music will be able to determine how well everyone does in their respective parts — but until then there's a certain amount of fun to be had just digging through their musical histories and watching these people sing for the (often relatively smaller) masses in their pre-Woods days. So here are some musical moments from Into the Woods' main cast.

It is important to note that this is in no way a comprehensive history. A comprehensive history would have to involve most of the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (for sure a worthwhile listen). That Anna Kendrick has been singing publicly for a long time!

Anna Kendrick (Cinderella)

It could be argued that this entire post is really a ploy to get you to watch this video of an adorable young Anna Kendrick (aged 12) singing a song with the raunchy Kit Kat Girls of Cabaret. I won't deny it.

Another must-see: Kendrick's borderline iconic take on "Ladies Who Lunch" from the underrated Camp.

Chris Pine (Cinderella's Prince)

Pro tip: If you're watching a talk show and either the host or Pine himself mentions that Pine likes to sing in the shower, prepare yourself, because this is Pine's go-to segue into singing. He's gunning for that Frank Sinatra biopic, you can tell.

(His singing here can be found at about 2:25.)

And here he is singing much more in Small Town Saturday Night.

Meryl Streep (The Witch)

Oh, Meryl. Where to begin with Ms. Streep? There's this great moment from Postcards From the Edge where she sings that beautiful song "You Don't Know Me:"

Emily Blunt (The Baker's Wife)

Here's Blunt singing "Papa" in Gideon's Daughter:

This isn't as great of a showcase (it's karaoke that appears to have been performed drunk), but it's fun nevertheless:

James Corden (The Baker)

Some good dance moves here, too!

Johnny Depp (The Wolf)

We all know at this point that Johnny Depp can sing. So here he is singing "Creep" by Radiohead, because of course that's something that's out there.

Mackenzie Mauzy (Rapunzel)

I did not know before this moment that soap operas like The Bold & the Beautiful sometimes busted out big musical moments.

Christine Baranski (Cinderella's Stepmother)

I could listen to "I'm Still Here" from here to eternity.

Lilla Crawford (Red Riding Hood)

She starred in the Broadway revival of Annie! Gotta love an Annie.

Billy Magnussen (Rapunzel's Prince)

Rob Marshall really pulled from the soap opera pool for this one. Here's Magnussen performing at an As the World Turns event.

Daniel Huttlestone (Jack)

He played little Gavroche in Les Mis!

(His singing starts :50.)

Tracey Ullman (Jack's Mother)

This music video is so '80s I can't take it.

Image: 5678abo1121/YouTube