33 Plus Size Dresses for New Year's Eve — Because What Better Night to Channel Beyoncé?

Disclaimer: I kind of hate New Year's Eve. Contrary to some people's suggestion that December 31 is the GREATEST NIGHT OF THE YEAR, I tend to find it a letdown. Year after year. It's probably down to the build-up. As with most things, having super high expectations never amounts to much good. We anticipate drunk dancing, the kiss at midnight, the substance-induced bonding with friends and/or family. But we forget that what the night really looks like is Jäger Bomb–fueled arguments about anything and everything with everyone, sloppy, toothy kissing, and the post-31st hangover (always lethal). All that being said, though, there is one thing I love about this otherwise despicable night. And that's the effervescent New Year's Eve dress.

Call me shallow, but if there's anything good that comes from NYE, it's definitely the style. With the exception of Halloween, it's one of the few nights of the year when you can go full-on glamitude and not get any shit for it. It's the one night you can channel Beyoncé to the max in all her glitzy glory, paired with a strong red lip and glitter in your hair, and be saluted by all! Because, really, who doesn't want to let their inner diva climb into the spotlight at least once a year?

I definitely don't think that a woman's size should stop her from being able to embrace all the sequins that come with New Year's (although I'm a strong proponent of embracing sequins always), and thanks to LOTS of designers stepping up their A-game when it comes to their plus collections, we definitely won't have to. So what better time than now to let the glimmering, sparkly-tastic plus-size princess in you shine?

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