Dressing Up This Holiday Season? Here Are The 13 Dreamiest Plus Size Dresses For Any Holiday Queen (So Bring On The Sparkle!)

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The holidays are the most perfect (and appropriate) time of the year for us all to dress up like glitter princesses and snow queens (because no one has forgotten Elsa or Anna just yet). And we plus-size women shall not be left bereft this year when it comes to elegant or sparkly gown choices.

Years ago, we women of size had to begrudgingly stroll down the (already minimal) "mother-of-the-bride" section at our local department stores (you guys know what I'm talking about) just to find something even remotely dressy enough to pass as holiday-worthy. But today the tables have turned and we are happily dancing in a plethora of sexy, flirty party dresses and evening gowns for the plus-size princess. And they're not only holiday-worthy, they are, more importantly, holiday swoon-worthy!

So many plus-size designers are pulling out all the stops this winter, and the choices for gorgeous gowns are in abundance for the first time possibly ever! Seriously, I'm not talking about your ordinary Saturday-night-drinks-with-the-girls cocktail dresses, here. I'm talking about fancy, sexy, festive, Khaleesi-esque dresses that totally make a statement.

So without further ado, here's a list of some of this holiday's most dreamy plus-size gowns to proudly show off those curves in — in utter, regal and sparkly glory, of course.

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