Drew Barrymore Keeps It Real About Motherhood

by Jaclyn Anglis

It's very common to see relatively new celebrity mothers on magazine covers flaunting their body-after-baby figures. It can seem like right after they leave the delivery room they're going on juice cleanses and getting back on the treadmill again, but as most non-famous new mothers know, that is not always the most realistic way to approach the amazing, yet drastic, change to their lifestyle. And, as she revealed to People, Drew Barrymore's approach to motherhood does not fit this idealistic image that Hollywood often portrays.

She told the magazine,

It took nine months to build. It should take nine months to get off. I wanted fettuccini alfredo. I didn’t want a barbell.

In the article, the 39-year-old actress gushed to the magazine about her baby daughter, Frankie, to whom she gave birth in June, joining older sister Olive, 2. She described her family as "amazing" and the "driving force behind how I live my life." Since she is so focused on nurturing her family, she is just now beginning to think about losing the baby weight. But she hinted that it would not be as easy for her as other celebrity mothers make it seem to be. It is a refreshingly honest way for a celebrity to talk about motherhood, and it is a positive thing that she has opened up about this in such a realistic way.

She continued to the magazine,

I was like, "Don’t talk to me about how fast and fabulous you are or it came off." That was not my experience. I’m having to work my ass off until I even think about getting it off.

It is worth applauding Barrymore for opening up about a topic that is still so taboo in Hollywood — even for women who recently gave birth — the changes your body has after having a baby. It is clear that she knows what her priorities are, and it is great that she feels comfortable with her body and doing things on her own timeline — not on the strict timeline shown in magazines.

Images: Getty Images