What Did You Think About Lily Rabe's 'AHS' Return?

As soon as word spread that Lily Rabe would be reprising her Asylum role as Sister Mary Eunice, the internet exploded with theories about how Rabe's character could be integrated into the AHS: Freak Show storyline. And now, after months of waiting, we finally have our answer. As we expected, Pepper is the main reason for Sister Mary Eunice's appearance, but it wasn't set in Jupiter, Florida or 1952. In fact, it all takes place 10 years into the future when Pepper is framed for the murder of her sister's baby, Lucas.

Of course, we all know Pepper didn't actually commit this heinous crime. (This girl seriously has the worst family in the world.) But anyway, given that Sister Mary Eunice doesn't know this woman from Adam and tends to be pretty naive, she buys into the story and takes Pepper on as her little project, hoping to lead her down the path of goodness. And the road to any redemption apparently starts with… sorting magazines! (Who knew?)

But either way, it was great to see Lily Rabe back in her rosary beads and frock. Honestly, I hadn't realized just how much I missed this character until I saw her back up on my television screen once more. That being said though, I do wish Ryan Murphy had thought to incorporate a few other Asylum-Freak Show connections, if for nothing else than just the audiences' amusement. Such as…

An Elsa Mars-Sister Jude Reference

I would have LOVED to have seen Sister Mary Eunice interact with Elsa and may some kind of sly remark as to how she reminds her of a certain head nun over at Briarcliff. (Come on, you know that would've been pretty epic.)

Excitement level: 5

A Sister Jude Sighting

Just imagine if, right out of left field, Jessica Lange made a surprising cameo, reprising her former role as Sister Jude. To see her introduce herself to Pepper and watch as Pepper freaks out became OMG why do you look like my former Freak Show boss?!?! That would've been the BEST.

Excitement level: 8.5

A Sister Mary Eunice Performance

Season 4 is all about singing, so I would've loved to have seen Sister Mary lose herself in the spotlight and bust out some impressive vocals for all to see. Personally, I'd vote for Bon Jovi's "Livin' on a Prayer," but I'm open to suggestions.

Excitement level: 10

But either way, Rabe was certainly a sight for soar eyes. Come back anytime, my dear!

Images: Michele K. Short/FX; FX; Giphy; deliriousnight/Tumblr