Kate the Wasp Takes a Holiday Photo, Because Being Single and Childless Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Share Some Festive Snaps

It’s only been a few weeks since comedian Kate Hendricks’ uptight, privileged character Kate the Wasp gave ringing a bell for the Salvation Army a shot for a day — but she’s not done with her good spirited (if occasionally misguided) attempts to spread some holiday cheer. This time, Kate the Wasp takes a holiday photo, because why the heck not? Everyone loves holiday cards with photos, right?

Employing the services of photographer F.E. Castleberry, our favorite WASP-y lady gets right down to business. Her criteria is relatively specific — she wants it to be a “serious holiday card,” but without a “heavy Christmas feel” (she’s Christian herself, but she does have a few “ethnic friends” whom she doesn’t want to feel as if she’s jamming her Christianity down their throats) — but still with some room for improvisation. Her main point? “I just don’t want to feel like because I’m single without kids, I don’t exist. You know?” I do know, Kate — and you’re absolutely right. Holiday card photos have long been the province of the “married with kids and a dog and a white picket fence” set; they don’t have to be, though, and what’s more, they shouldn’t be. So go ahead. Take a holiday photo by yourself. Take one with your cats. Take one with your friends. Take one with your favorite seasonally-appropriate beverage. Whatever you want — go ahead and do it. Holiday spirit is all-inclusive; there’s room for everyone here.

Of course, Kate the Wasp doesn’t managed to get through the experience without putting her foot in her mouth — but she tries so hard to be politically correct that even when she lets some casually offensive language slip (did you facepalm at “ethnic friends?” Because I sure did), I’m willing to give her a by. Over the course of Hendricks’ web series, we’ve seen the character step out of her comfort zone time and time again. She’s bound to make a few mistakes as she steps out of her world of pearl clutching and fancy cocktails, but she’s learning — and that counts for something. In a weird way, she's actually an excellent role model.

Scroll down to watch the whole video; for the curious, the poses Kate the Wasp attempts to strike include, but are not limited to:

The “Look How Casually I Am Lounging Under This Tree” Shot

"Even though it is below freezing and I wish I were inside huddled under a nice, warm blanket and drinking some hot mulled wine."

The Ugly Christmas Sweater Brigade

But classy, too. Is it possible for an ugly Christmas sweater to be classy?

The Windblown Look

Also known as “The Cousin It.”

The Leaf Thrower

What? You don’t just randomly decide to pick up piles of leaves and toss them in the air?

The Invisible Partner

Kate notes that if she poses as if there’s someone else there, it leaves room for some Photoshopping magic later, should it be required.

The Spinning Top

Which also resulted in this:

The “Things That Are Important to Me” Demonstration

It shows an appreciation for the finer things in life. Like white wine. And Diet Coke. And Wheat Thins.

The Walking Away Maneuver

Nothing makes you more pensive than the holidays.

Watch the whole video below. Happy holidays!


Images: KatetheWasp/YouTube (9)