16 Perfect Toddler Holiday Gifts For Your Niece Or Nephew, Because Your Sibling Having Kids Is More Fun Than Having Your Own — PHOTOS

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Gift-giving is basically like a sport to me. I spent all four years of high school working in a toy store (and funneling my paycheck right back into it, because discounted toys, hello). Nearly every day of my life was spent calming panicked 20-somethings or co-workers who needed a toy for their niece, nephew, or boss’s new kid, so with all of the authority my 14-year-old self could muster, I eventually blossomed into the toddler gift master. Because let’s be real, shopping for toddlers when you don’t have any of your own can be super confusing. Luckily, there were plenty of people to train me before I started recklessly giving advice.

Toy trends change every year (I still have horrible flashbacks to the tantrums that I saw the Year of the Webkinz Animals), but there are some types of toys that kids will always love, no matter what the hottest thing on the shelves is at any given time. Odds are, their parents will get them the “hot” thing anyway—but you can get them something lasting and fun. I’m going to warn you right now, as an ex-daycare employee (I've had a lot of jobs), I’m not huge on getting electronic toys for kids, so you’re not going to see much on that on this list, but hopefully you’ll get some great holiday shopping inspiration for the toddler you love (even if you don’t always fully understand them).

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