11 Celebrity Breakups That Caught Your Tear Ducts Off Guard in 2014

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Aside from being involved in a breakup of your own, celebrity breakups are the absolute worst. As soon as I find out one of my favorite couples has decided to go their separate ways, I'm super devastated... especially if I've already started compiling ideas for their future wedding on Pinterest.

Unfortunately, dating in the spotlight is tough, and far more relationships tend to fall apart than find their staying power with that kind of pressure on them 24/7. I'm still not over Amy Poehler's split from Will Arnett, and that happened in 2012. And as if that kind of emotional anguish isn't enough, 2014 came with its own set of breakups and separations to mourn.

Click through the slideshow to see some of the saddest celebrity breakups from this year... and if you need to cry all over again, I totally won't blame you.

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