What the Heck is a Yumbo?

by Kristie Rohwedder

In a new TV spot for Burger King, unsuspecting patrons discover that the dining room of the fast food institution has been made over to look like something straight out of the '70s. Harvest gold yellow, wood panelling, and lava lamps as far as the eye can see! So, what's the occasion for the time warp? The return of the Burger King Yumbo, but of course! ...Uh, pardon my French, but what the bajeezus is a Yumbo?

ANSWER: It's Burger King’s hot ham and cheese sandwich that was pulled from the fast food chain's menu in 1974. The Yumbo of today isn't the Yumbo of yore, however: lettuce and mayo have been thrown onto the sandwich, and the bread has been switched. The original was on a sesame seed bun; the Yumbo 2k14 is on a hoagie.

I don’t want to tell the King of Burgers how to do his job, but why the heck-o-la did he add mayo and ‘tuce to a hot ham and cheese? No, I've never eaten a Yumbo, but I have wolfed down at least one middle school cafeteria hot ham and cheese sandwich. Dressing up a hot ham and cheese sandwich is a wholly unnecessary move. Save the condiments and fixins for the artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches, SIR.

Image: BURGER KING/YouTube