Bored Coworkers Create Office Supply Art

No matter how awesome your job is, chances are you have occasionally found yourself with nothing to do at work (or nothing you want to be doing, at least). There are many ways to combat boredom at the office: creating a lip dub video, or placing silly bets, or straight up just sitting at your desk and watching The Office on Netflix. But the folks behind Fools Do Art, Chris Limbrick and Francesco Fragomeni, are too creative for a casual TV binge sesh. They decided to recreate famous paintings with two rules: All props must be objects found in their office, and all editing must be done on a phone.

While playing around with art has certainly been done before, it's never been done quite like this before. I'm not sure what exactly inspired these men to start this project, but I'm gonna go ahead and pretend like they were simply following in the footsteps of the great Lorelai Gilmore. (Footsteps, by the way, that everyone should follow in. Except for that time she slept with Christopher immediately after breaking up with Luke. Don't do that. Lorelai, what were you thinking?! Anyway.)

Don't see your favorite painting? Submit your suggestions for future works here.

Images: foolsdoart/Instagram