12 New Year's Resolutions Ariana Grande Should Make for 2015

I make no secret of the fact that I love Ariana Grande. I will defend her as if my life depends on it. She is a very talented artist and is new to the level of success she now has — and the negativity that comes along with that level of attention. Personally, I believe that everyone should cut her a break about things like the rumors that she's a diva. Still, I think that people should always aspire to improve, which is why New Year's resolutions are a great idea. Without any intention of throwing shade, these are my resolutions suggestions for Ariana Grande.

Add Some Variety to the Hairstyles

We all knew her high ponytail was going to be a part of the list, so I figured I would just address it first. Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s smart that Ariana Grande has cultivated such a signature look this early in her career. With that said, she looks stunning no matter which hairstyle she’s rocking, and it’s always good to keep the people guessing and try some new styles.

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Stay Away from Twitter Wars

Social media wars are so middle school. It seems like a celebrity right of passage to engage in Twitter feuds, but it really shouldn’t be. Grande is a legitimate star and she does not need to waste her time arguing with other people in public. Focus on the music, Ari.

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Take Some Dance Lessons

No one can deny that she has a beautiful voice. She also has great sense of style. Her stage presence would be absolutely perfect if she incorporated some dance moves. It’s no secret that dancing is not her thing, but a few lessons could be helpful.

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Cut Down on the Caffeine

The pop star is often photographed with a Starbucks cup in her hand. She has even publicized her love for caffeine on her social media accounts. Grande once tweeted, "one of those days where u need that venti knowwhummsayn.” Yeah, girl. I do know what you’re saying. However, she is such a busy bee. She needs an energy source that’s more reliable than constant coffee to avoid caffeine crashing at key moments.

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Improve Social Media Grammar

There is nothing wrong with using occasional acronyms or shortening words to fit into Twitter’s 140 character count limit. However, Ariana Grande would represent herself in a much better light if she made some improvements to her social media grammar and spelling. For instance, she recently tweeted, ”been in the stu w my favs til 6am for the past few nights n i’m so happppy about it.” If she wants people to take her more seriously as a mature artist, she could try cleaning up her tweets.

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Collaborate with Someone Unexpected

Grande’s voice is perfection and all of her collaborations have been monster hits. It would be great for her to duet with a different artist. It would be a big hit for sure if she collaborated with an artist that has a totally different fan base like Kanye West.

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Lower Concert Prices

I cannot emphasize how talented Grande is. However, her fan base is relatively young in age and she’s pretty much a new artist. The prices for her tickets continue to rise and this means that not all of her fans can afford to attend. If she wants to show the world that she’s not a diva, she should consider selling some cheaper seats or even giving out free tickets to dedicated fans.

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Pose on Her Right Side

I still can’t decide if I believe the rumors about Grande only wanting to be photographed on her left side. It’s just such a dumb concept. She should shock everyone by posing for some photos on her right side. That slight turn of her head would probably give her so much media coverage.

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Become a Brand

It is essential to strike while the iron is hot. Everyone cannot stop looking at, listening to, and talking about Ariana Grande. She is a beautiful woman and has a signature sense of style. She should capitalize on the attention she is receiving and cultivate a brand. I can see an Ariana Grande fragrance or makeup line doing very well with her fans.

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Take Time for Herself

The singer is one of the busiest people in music these days. However, she is just one person and needs to make sure she gives herself a break when she really needs it. There is nothing wrong with relaxing and taking care of yourself once in a while.

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Address the Diva Rumors

On one hand, I get why Grande will not dignify the crazy rumors with a response. However, her lack of response can be misconstrued as a confirmation of poor behavior. It’s OK for her to be a diva during a performance, but in real life situations she should stand up for herself and show people who she really is.

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