When Is Kelly Clarkson's New Album Coming Out?

by Alex Kritselis

Fans of the original (and best) American Idol, rejoice! Kelly Clarkson's new single is rumored to be called "Sensation," and it could be coming out as soon as Jan. 5. Somebody hold me. Clarkson hasn't released a completely original effort since 2011's Stronger, but she's given fans a greatest hits compilation and a Christmas LP to enjoy while she's been busy touring, getting married, and giving birth to her first child (the adorable River Rose). Still, I'm beyond ready for the 32-year-old Texas native to put out something entirely new! After all, she's one of the most talented (and likable) artists in the music industry today. In September, Clarkson wrote on Twitter that her new album would be released in "early" 2015. With only about two weeks remaining in 2014, now is the perfect time to start getting hyped!

Admittedly, information about Clarkson's upcoming project has been a little scarce, but we do know a few details that should definitely pique your interest. Will the "Since U Been Gone" singer make a grand return to the airwaves in 2015? I certainly hope so! Here's everything we know about Clarkson's new album so far:

The Lead Single Might Be Called "Sensation"

Right now, it's just a rumor, but as I said, the lead single from Clarkson's new album might be called "Sensation." What a... sensual title! The Jan. 5 release date appears to have come from an article posted by Y98, a radio station (check out the "Related Tags" section). At this point, I'd take it all with a grain of salt (but I'll cross my fingers that the rumors are true).

She Recorded a Duet With an "Amazing" Male Singer

After teasing on Twitter in September that her new album may feature a "special guest," Clarkson confirmed in an October interview with Sirius XM's "The Highway" that she had recorded a duet with an "amazing" male singer whom "everyone loves." Who could it be? Bruno Mars? Sam Smith? ...Blake Shelton? She described the track as "so good" and "out-of-the-box." How exciting!

Greg Kurstin Is Onboard

Reportedly, the producer behind "What Doesn't Kill You (Stronger)," Greg Kurstin, will appear on Clarkson's new album. This is fantastic news. Kurstin and Clarkson make magic together.

Jesse Shatkin Is Onboard, Too

In a new interview with Songwriter Universe, producer and songwriter Jesse Shatkin revealed that he could have "two or three songs" on Clarkson's new release. Shatkin scored a major hit earlier this year as the co-writer and co-producer of Sia's "Chandelier." Awesome.

One New Song Is About Taking "The High Road"

In September, Clarkson made the above cryptic tweet. She quickly assured fans that she was just sharing new lyrics, and that there was no cause for concern:

That's everything we know so far! Don't worry — I anticipate that we'll be getting more info about Clarkson's new music any day now.

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