Tom Hiddleston Never Takes a Bad Picture

It's rare to find a celebrity who truly looks good in every photo taken of them. Even Beyonce has had her struggles with the camera. But somehow Tom Hiddleston looks perfect in every photo ever taken of him. You know that one episode of How I Met Your Mother when it's revealed that Barney Stinson cannot take a bad photo? Even if he has food in his mouth or is sneezing or visiting the DMV, somehow the picture always comes out perfect. Well, that's Tom Hiddleston in real life. The actor is so photogenic that you could try to find a bad picture of him and you'd fail.

I think the best indicator of his inability to photograph badly is the pictures fans take of him. Those circumstances are perfect for getting bad shots: he's rushing to take pics with everyone often after a long day of filming. But while some celebs might look exhausted, he looks refreshed. These candid shots are taken by amateurs with cell phone cameras, no airbrushing or makeup, without good lighting and he still always looks absolutely amazing.

To prove this I've gathered 12 of his best selfies with fans and you'll see that he always looks great, even in the worst of conditions.

Flawless at a Movie Screening

No big deal.

Posing With a Paper Mustache

And totally pulling it off.

At the Airport

I look like a nightmare when I travel, but Hiddleston looks like he's just been at the spa.

Chilling in Toronto

If I was this girl I would show the photo to people and tell them Hiddleston was my boyfriend, because that's how effortless this photo looks.

Posing with a Kid

Tom Hiddleston plus children makes everything even more perfect.

After a Hard Day's Filming

Hiddles leaves work looking more refreshed than I do after a professional facial.

He Even Looks Good in Flash

The flash on most cameras ruins everything. But here it just looks like Hiddleston's pupils decided to match the color of his tie. Red eyes and all, he looks great.

While Wearing Plaid


Hanging in Iceland

Look at those pants and that face. It's all too much.

In the Detroit Heat

Everyone else is sweating buckets and he still looks beautiful.

In a Hat

Please wear hats always.

Meeting Me

Meeting Hiddles is maybe the most important things that's happened to me. I'm glad he continued his flawless photo streak while posing with me because this picture is my most prized possession.

Tom Hiddleston, teach me your photogenic ways, please.

Image: Martha Sorren