There’s a Ghost on Tinder, and I Would Definitely Swipe Right for That

I’ll be honest: I find Tinder to be more interesting as a platform for creative projects than I do as an actual dating app. The latest one? A woman is pretending to be a ghost on Tinder. And I don’t mean in the metaphorical sense; she’s actually designed her profile to present a non-corporeal being who just wants to be loved. I don’t know about you, but I would definitely swipe right for that — because that is hilarious.

We don’t know much about the woman who launched the project; on Twitter, she’s known simple as Grace (@gspels), and her bio reads, “I’m 12 years old and i love to eat bugs!!!!!!!!!!!!” — lowercase “i” and the multitude of exclamation points and all. It’s probably safe to say that she is not 12 years old, although I suppose the bug thing could be real. I hear they’re an excellent source of protein. Anyway, she also appears to be a former Tinder user; the Tweet she released on December 14 that began the whole thing reads simply, “I’m going to redownload Tinder and convince every boy I am a ghost.”

And that’s exactly what she did. On December 15 — one day after her initial proclamation — she tweeted a few select images from her ghostly persona’s new Tinder account. She Photoshopped a giant swirly thing onto the faces of all of her profile pics (because no good spirit photograph would be complete without an obscured or distorted face) and penned an appropriately macabre bio to go with it:

Perfect, no? I particular enjoy the line about her heart not being the same since it stopped being. So classy. So poetic. It’s truly the stuff of romance.

And then the fun began. As was the case with “Edward Snowden” and Patty the cheeseburger, the best part has been seeing what sorts of magnificent conversations she’s been able to start with those who swiped right on her swirly-faced self. Some have been sort of nonplussed by it (or just didn’t get the joke):

Others got the joke, but also tried way too hard to make a joke in return:

Some thought that maybe they would be able to get her to drop the persona once they started talking to her (and discovered that they were wrong):

There was a certain amount of vitriol, of course, because people sucks and that’s what happens in the wilds of the Internet where assholes roam freely:

Oh, and there was this guy, too:

And this guy:

And this guy (the response to which happens to be my favorite):

There’s no telling how long Grace the Ghost is going to keep her project up; after the first day or so, tweets about her Tinder adventures tapered off a bit, although she did post this one about 12 hours ago as of the time of this writing:

I kind of hope she keeps going. It’s too funny to miss. Mostly I get a kick out of seeing how people react to it; it tells you rather a lot about what kind of people they are, don’t you think? A successful haunting, indeed!

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Images: : 23 :/Flickr; @gspel/Twitter (9)