What Christmas Movie Should You Watch? The 11 Best Holiday Films in Every Genre

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There is hardly just one kind of Christmas movie. Yes, the traditional cinematic celebrations of the holiday all take similar form: sweet, schmaltzy, riddled with life lessons. But times have changed since the days of It’s a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street. No longer are we beheld to the misadventures of earnest do-gooders who only want to show the world the merits of a pure spirit; now, Christmas can mean steet fights, jump scares, and raunchy banter.

The years have given us plenty of varied takes on the yuletide theme, expanding its reach to every imaginable genre: comedy, horror, action, romance, sci-fi, you name it. But with such a prominent standing in all corners of the Hollywood output, it might be tough in today’s world to find the Christmas movies that work best for you. Of all the Santa-centric comedies out there, which is the funniest? Of all the North Pole-set slasher flicks, which is the scariest? These are the big questions we must face each December… hopefully, this little guide can be of service.

Peruse this gallery and you’ll find a few suggestions for the best of every sort of movie that pays tribute to the holiday. And have a merry, funny, scary, romantic, action-packed, adventurous, or otherwise entertaining Christmas!

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