37 Times Vladimir Putin Looked Just Like He'd Smelled Something Bad

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It's been a big year for Vladimir Putin. The Russian president single-handedly caused one of the biggest international crises of 2014 — and recent history — by annexing Crimea from the country of Ukraine. After an extremely tense few months between Russia and its neighbor, which saw the ousting of Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych, Putin took advantage of the unstable situation and deployed Russian troops to Crimea and claimed it for his country. If anyone ever doubted his machismo before this year, certainly nobody's questioning it now.Since the annexation, Putin has been full steam ahead. The so-called Russian "bear" has not backed down on Crimea, nor has he bowed under pressure of the multiple rounds of sanctions imposed by the U.S. and its European NATO allies. In fact, during one of his harshest speeches on the U.S. in October, Putin said, "Such a country as Russia will certainly not bend under pressure." While Putin is clearly best known for being unapologetically hard-line in his policies — and also his glistening, shirtless torso — the image of Putin that comes to a lot of minds is something else entirely. The Putin that many of us think of is the one who looks like he just smelled something bad, the Putin with the permanently fixed grimace, the Putin who's trying his best not to gag, the He Who Smelt It Dealt It Putin.

Here are 37 times Putin looked like he was thinking, "God, what is that smell?"

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