BuzzFeed's “Things Basic Girls Do For Christmas” Video Forces Us to Confront the Basic In All of Us

We all know her: that girl who brings her full-force Martha Stewart basicness to the front lines for the Yuletide season. That woman (is she you?) is the subject of BuzzFeed’s hilarious video “Things Basic Girls Do For Christmas,” in all of her ugly sweater wearing, homemade cookie slanging, custom nail polish rocking glory. Recently BuzzFeed brought us a video about why being single during the holidays is the worst, and its newest gem does not fail to drive home some truths about the basics among us.

With the exception of SantaCon, which is arguably one of the worst activities in which you can partake in the name of the holidays, the video covers all of the, ahem, basics. “Merry Christmas bitches,” says the star player of basicdom while she sends all of her friends a mass emoji group text. "Want some cookies," she asks of a friend, "I found the recipe on Pinterest." But the best part about this video is the fact that all of us are guilty of at least one of these Christmas crimes.

Few quick questions: Do you check off each day of December on your calendar leading up to Santa’s arrival? Did you buy a tree for your home this year, despite the fact that you won’t be sitting around it on Christmas Day? (Guilty as charged.) Do you have one or more “ugly” sweaters? (Bonus points if it’s not actually “ugly” and you bought it new.) Girl, you might be basic.

Watch the video below while you give yourself a Christmas-themed manicure.