Hamish Blake Did the Most Perfect, Hilarious "Humans of New York" Parody — PHOTO

Hilarious human extraordinaire, Hamish Blake, has been hanging out in New York visiting family (and probably eating pizza). Blake, who you might know as part of the Australian comedy duo Hamish and Andy, decided to wait for Brandon Stanton of Huma ns of New York to show up and take his (candid) picture, because obviously that's what you shoot for when you visit the Big City. He waited and waited and waited, but the guy never showed up. Ugh, jerk. On his Instagram, Blake posted:

F this BS. I’ve been waiting on this street corner for about 6 hours now trying to get photographed by the @humansofny guy and I’ve got NOTHING. I’m giving this 10 more minutes and if he still hasn’t shown, I’m taking matters into my own hands….

Humans of New York, the photoblog that collects portraits and interviews from real people in New York City, was started and is run by Brandon Stanton, who has made a prolific career of taking candid, beautiful photos of people on the streets of New York City. I agree with Hamish Blake that it would be totally rad to be featured on Humans of New York. Would I wait for six hours though? Eh. Probably not.

But Blake was persistent. After Stanton never showed, Blake took matters into his own hands and took his own Humans of New York photo. Additionally, he also wrote up a pretty wonderful description of himself. Here's the (actually super gorgeous) photo and amazing caption Hamish took and gave himself:

Even though Blake won’t end up in Humans of New York, his unofficial Humans of New York portrait will forever stay in our hearts.

Image: Hamish Blake/Instagram