#WorstDateIn5Words Trends On Twitter, Gives Us All A Chance To Shudder In Horror At The World Of Dating

You thought your dating life was bad? Well rest assured, it could be worse, as the #WorstDateIn5Words hashtag on Twitter will prove beyond a doubt. These dates are so bad that people only need five words to telegraph their awfulness.

The hashtag was first coined on Wednesday by Twitter user @thedereklatz, and has been trending more or less ever since. Because apparently people have a lot of terrible date stories they need to unload — or just nightmare scenarios they can imagine but want to avoid. The problems range from political to personal faux pax to the dreaded moment when someone's card gets declined. Never a good impression.

The truth is that dating is kind of awful — Sex and the City might have tried to teach us otherwise, but ultimately they couldn't change reality. Dating is awful. And modern dating apps might be making it more convenient to meet people, but when it comes to actually having to interact with another human for the duration of dinner or coffee or however long it takes until you can fake an urgent phone call can be torture.

So really, it's no surprise there are so many stories. You might even find a few that sound familiar...

And the classic:

And of course, Bustle couldn't resist getting in on the fun either.

Enough said.

Image: Fox