Bill Cosby Accuser Comes Forward on ‘Dr. Phil’ & Explains Why She Waited Until Now

Sadly, yet another accuser of the former Cosby Show star has stepped forward. A woman who went only by "Lisa" accused Bill Cosby of sexual assaulting her during a Dr. Phil appearance on Friday, Dec. 19. Lisa detailed her time spent with Cosby, and as you can imagine, it's just as disturbing and horrific as the stories from the other women who've opened up about Cosby allegedly taking advantage of them.

Lisa told Dr. Phil she became friends with Cosby in the '80s when she was trying to make it as a model. After being called into an audition for him, Cosby reportedly asked her to his hotel suite so he could see her acting skills.

According to Lisa, Cosby gave her two drinks and one looked like a shot. She told Cosby she didn't drink, but he told her it would help her relax and let the acting lines flow. As she told Dr. Phil,

Later on, Lisa said she woke up at home, but doesn't remember how she got there. She said her car was at her house when she woke up, but she has no idea if she drove home or not.

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The stories of Cosby's other accusers, like Janice Dickinson, helped Lisa realized what happened to her and that's why she's coming forward now:

Per Lisa, she didn't come clean earlier, because she "didn't feel violated until Janice Dickinson came out and revealed what he did to her and that she remembered what actually happened after the stroking of the hair, per se."

Lisa said she really just found out a month ago what really happened to her. As she revealed to Dr. Phil, with her mother by her side,

Lisa is among many women accusing Cosby of sexual assault. Cosby's lawyer has been consistent in denying the claims. The first statement he released reads as follows,

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