10-Year-Old "Hood Jam Connie" is Vine's Newest Meme and She's Creeping Us Out — VIDEO

Today in Things That Just Shouldn't Exist, a 10-year-old girl knows as "Hood Jam Connie" on Vine has accidentally become Internet famous. (JK, no one ever does that on accident.) How, you ask? Oh, by licking her lips and nodding her head seductively into a Vine post she sent to "Hood Jam James". We're not sure how her parents allowed this to happen, but said Vine went viral, and now there are a bunch of memes that are ruthlessly making fun of her eager ways.

While it's pretty hilarious to see that people took it upon themselves to recreate Hood Jam Connie's jam, we do have to keep in mind that this girl is 10-YEARS-OLD. She's a kid, and she's clearly too young to be sending people super sexual mini-videos of herself, and maybe we shouldn't be celebrating this kind of weirdness. I mean, isn't it kind of uncomfortable to watch a child wearing a shirt with cats on it that says "Friends" try to be sexy in front of a screen? (Correct answer: yes, it is very, very uncomfortable.)

While I understand that some kids start to ~feel things~ at a young age, and it's totally okay to have crushes and want boyfriends and girlfriends, it's also important that parents or guardians mention that putting yourself out there in a super suggestive manner isn't appropriate. Not to be a total grandma, but it just creeps me out that there might be gross, evil men out there looking at the recording and actually getting something out of it.

Anyway, all that said, I do approve of the funny ways this somewhat creepy original video has been appropriated by other people on Vine. Still, hopefully we won't have to see too much more of Hood Jam Connie's awkwardly flirty swagger this year.

Images: Vine