Here's a Kangaroo Punching a Drone Because This is What 2014 Has Come To — VIDEO

I bet when we created drones, we didn't think, "Maybe we should develop some kind of defense system so that when a kangaroo kicks us in the robot face, we won't die," but alas—we did not think of the kangaroos. (I'm sure there's some wise Australian saying about what happens when you don't remember to consider the kangaroos.) In this video, you get to watch a drone looming closer and closer toward a bunch of bouncy kangaroos who seem to be just minding their own business i the grass. Although kangaroos are generally not very territorial, they can get pretty salty if they think someone or something is out to get their mate, which is maybe what occurred here.

As the drone comes eye-level with the kangaroo, it suddenly gets karate-kicked, because that's probably what it deserved. I'm not sure why this drone was buzzing around a group of kangaroos, but it will know better next time, right?

Besides the fact that it's pretty adorable and hilarious that a kangaroo kicked a robot's ass, it's almost poetic that even the animal kingdom is revolting against the privacy-threatening, scary-futuristic drones. With drones that are fully capable of delivering our mail, catching us speeding on the freeway, and landing on different planets, they are both a curse and blessing. Oh, 2014 (almost 2015!), what will we do with ye?

Image: YouTube