The Best #GingerbreadHouseFails of Instagram

Gingerbread houses are a staple of Christmas activity and décor. They are tradition. Sure, some of them are awesome and ambitious — like Martha Stewart recreating Downton Abbey’s Grantham estate or Harry Potter fans replicating Hogwarts — but most of them… aren’t. Most gingerbread houses are colossal failures of architecture and frosting, but honestly, those are my favorite ones — the hilarious ones that beg the question, “OMG, what happened here?!”

According to the way we greet each other — Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Cheerful Kwanzaa! (not 100 percent on that last one) — and a famous Christmas tune, this is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But sometimes you gotta take a break from being joyful every once in awhile because the holiday season is like a GAZILLION YEARS LONG. And the best way to take a harmless break from being joyful is by throwing some good old-fashioned, holiday-themed shade on Instagram. Yeah, buddy! Which is why I did the honors of combing through to find the best #GingerbreadHouseFails of the year, ready and waiting for your side-eye. Enjoy! And don’t feel bad — even Tiny Tim would take a break from saying “God bless us, everyone!” to be like “BAHAHA, are you serious with these?!”

1. I'd Like You To Meet Mr. Gingerbread Houseface

Fabulous? Yes. A house? No.

2. Eff This, Let's Get Drunk Instead!

Is it just me or were the supports made out of Bic razor blades?!

3. Gingerbread Two-Car Garage

Maybe Santa will bring them a house to go with it.

4. "I Said I Wanted Mid-Century Modern, This is Bullshit!"

If baby ain't happy, nobody's happy. I kinda like this guy's attitude...

5. St. Frosting Leak Church

Good intention, poor execution. #notblessed

6. Structural Damage

Just hasn't been the same since the last earthquake...

7. Gingerbread Carport

This is where I park my gingerbread Mercedes-Benz LOL.

8. Roofs Are, Like, Totally Overrated

This "house" is a hot spot for gingerbread stargazing.

9. ???

"Wow, Sheila, love what you've done with the place!"

10. U.F.O. = Unidentifiable Failed Operation

If I just keep decorating, will anyone notice that it's not a house??

11. "I'll Carry it, Mom!"

What's the best vacuum cleaner for picking up frosting, hard candies, and dreams of having the perfect Christmas?

Images: Vox Efx/Flickr; santinarose86, dropbear, ericasmithphoto, katelynmade, gertsgreetings, caradevaney,thejourneyofmyfeet, krissytarwater, carlygillespie_, paramorefan63, edkay77/Instagram