A Brief Salute To Ultimate BFFs Felicity & Arsenal

Know how you think you and your best friend are the ultimate power couple? Like, when the two of you get together, you basically feel like dual Beyoncés, and you're ready to take on the world? I mean, it's a cold hard fact: when best friend powers are combined, you can basically move mountains. With that being said, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you and your bestie will never stack up next to Emily Bett Rickards and Colton Haynes from Arrow. Have you guys even seen the two of them together? I'm not talking about the time they spend down in the Arrow Cave. I kid you not, Emily and Colton are putting all other best friends to shame.

Sure, TV co-stars are always Tweeting and Instagramming cool behind-the-scenes pictures of everyone hanging out in trailers and stuff (i.e. basically everything Mindy Kaling posts for us). But, in the other corner, on basically a completely different friendship playing field, we have Emily and Colton. We might as well all stop trying to achieve Grand Supreme in the category of Best Friends, because these two have that completely locked down.

I know, right? Felicity Smoak and Arsenal? But, their real life counterparts are made for each other. They love each other, and we love them. Now, if we could just to get invited to hang out with them up in Vancouver.

They've Got The Music In Them

We've all been known to rock out with a friend at a red light, and now Emily and Colton make us look like amateurs. Their spot-on lip sync to Kelly Clarkson's "Since U Been Gone" somehow needs to be incorporated into the second half of Arrow Season 3, and it needs to win a billion Emmys and Grammys. I've never wanted to be in the backseat of a car more than I do in this one. Current level of love for this video: total obsession. Also, Colton needs major props for this musical number, because he is so into the beat.

Colton Dominates Emily's Instagram

And they're not just casual pictures from time spent on set. Of course they travel together for Arrow promotional spots, but then they venture out into the real world with us common folk, and grace us with their beauty.

And Emily Is All Over Colton's

In both real life and on TV, Emily has become my new favorite style icon. What Would Felicity Smoak Wear? Those sunglasses = flawless. It's also so adorable that Colton loves to post pictures of them two of them together. Friends who Instagram together, stay together.

They Also Went to Europe This Summer

Sadly, none of us were invited.

Emily Tweets About Colton Just Like We Tweet About Our Friends

Do we necessarily understand these inside jokes? No, not in the least bit. But at least we're getting a small glimpse into what it's like to be their best friend. So many inside jokes.

Colton Loves To Fangirl Over Emily

Best friends love to support each other, and here is Colton doing so in fine form, reminding us that Emily is nothing short of great. It's so sweet.

They Fight Just like BFFs

Fake fighting, that is. Which turns a little too playful/frisky, and suddenly Colton has swooped Emily clear off her feet, in still the best playful/frisky/BFF way.

They've Won the Best Friend Game, Set, and Match

Please keep being best friends forever.

Image: Ed Araquel/The CW