How to Complete Kourtney's Quest in Kim's Game

If you love Kourtney Kardashian and free things, you're probably working really hard on Kim Kardashian's iPhone game holiday challenge right now. Hosted by Kourt herself, the quest allows you to win a glittery holiday dress and accessories just for doing well on your jobs. Basically for every 5-star event you complete you win a certain number of candy points. When you earn the right amount you win one part of the holiday outfit. It takes a ton of candy points to win each item. The first takes 20, the second takes 75, and presumably the next two require even more. (I haven't gotten that far.) But even though it's definitely a challenge, Kourtney's Christmas quest can be won if you know some Kim Kardashian: Hollywood tricks.

Plus, you can employ these tactics during the rest of Kim's holiday events. (There's set to be another challenge on Christmas Eve/Christmas Day and New Year's Eve). So boot up the game and get ready because you're going to show Kourtney that you know what you're doing when it comes to a digital Christmas quests. Follow this guide and you'll have earned enough bonus points in no time.

Finish All Your Jobs With Five Stars

You only get the candy points if you finish your photo shoot/party/event with five stars. So make sure you don't miss the end of your event with your bar only halfway filled or all your hard work will be wasted.

Add Alerts to Your Phone

Set a timer so you don't miss the end of your event, and turn on your notifications for the game. It'll alert you when your energy is full enough to keep playing and it will send you a reminder when your event is about to expire.

Buy Holiday Clothing Items

You get bonus candy points if you wear the holiday items to the shoot. If you haven't won the santa hat, red and white robe, or golden reindeer antlers in the giveaway boxes, you can fork over the K stars to purchase them and up your bonus points. Any clothing item with a candy cane next to it will help you out.

Search the California Locations

Hidden behind the holiday decorations in Downtown LA, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, LAX, and Calabasas are some extra candy points. They won't always pop up, but if you keep searching (they let you tap on them every five minutes) you're sure to find an extra few along the way. Plus, you'll probably score some energy bolts too.

Throw a Party

Professional events aren't the only things you can complete to win candy points. Throw a party in any of your homes to fill your holiday challenge bar even faster.

Now get out there and show Kourtney Kardashian and her Christmas quest that you mean business!

Images: Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (5)